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Bath Bomb - Adirondack

Bath Bomb - Adirondack

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Relax and Restore with an Adirondack Bath Bomb: Moisturizing Shea Butter, Antioxidant-Rich Sunflower Oil, and Soothing Sea Salt! 

This luxurious bath bomb will transport you to the Adirondacks with its evocative scent. Relax in a warm bath full of moisture-rich shea butter, antioxidant-packed sunflower oil, and calming sea salt that will both soothe your skin and your soul. Give yourself the ultimate spa experience right at home! 

  • Moisturizing Shea butter in Bath Bombs provide ultrahydrating and protective benefits to the skin
  • Antioxidant Rich Sunflower Oil can help protect skin from free radical damage while adding nourishment
  • Soothing Sea Salt enhances mineral content, encouraging softer and smoother skin texture
  • The seductive combination of wood, hiking trails and the beach rolled into this refreshing scent. 

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, sunflower oil, fragrance oil, organic shea butter, colorant

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