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Bath Bomb - Pumpkin Patch

Bath Bomb - Pumpkin Patch

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Pumpkin Patch your bath with the delightful scent of sweet molasses and spice! 

This bath bomb is the perfect way to bring autumn into your home! With its warm, inviting fragrance of sweet molasses, pumpkin, vanilla, clove and everything spice it's certain to make you feel cozy. Not only does it smell delightful, but it also has organic shea butter and sunflower oil that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. So grab a Pumpkin Patch bath bomb today and get ready for the chilly days ahead! 

  • Organic shea butter and sunflower oil provide nourishing moisturization for skin health and improved softness.
  • The warm spicy pumpkin patch scent is perfect for fall relaxation giving you an enjoyable aromatic bathing experience.
  • Anything but basic! 

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, sunflower oil, fragrance oil, organic shea butter, colorant

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